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Biggest Casinos in the World

Gone are the days when casinos were limited to a small space. Now, the trend has completely changed and it has contributed to the luxurious outlook of casinos. Not only the rules of casino games have changed but also the entire appearance of casinos have undergone a complete transformation.

From buffets, malls to hotels, there are lots of attraction in casinos which have impressed people on a large scale. Now, people do not come to casinos just to gamble but they also join the crowd to have super fun in the luxurious atmosphere. Here are some of the biggest casinos in the world which can make you excited to visit them.

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  • Venetian Macau, China - This is the world’s largest casino complex and it is situated opposite to the city of dreams. Venetian Macau is not only a perfect place to enjoy but also has a wonderful atmosphere to play games. A wide variety of games are available here. Not only this, bars and restaurants in this casino are very high in numbers. Venetian Macau is distributed over 10500000 square feet and it has 39 stories building, which makes it the seventh largest building in the world.
  • City of Dreams Casino, China - This is one of the mega-casinos in the world and it has everything that a casino lover can think of. The number of slots and table games in this casino are over 1900. Also, it is spread over 448000 square feet area. In this wonderful place, the environment is extremely awesome. There are a wide variety of gaming opportunities and all these are equipped with high technology. Not only this, it has three exciting and luxurious hotels and this casino offers wonderful customer service as well as entertainment choices.
  • Foxwoods Resort Casino, United States - It is a perfect casino for the players who want to have a wonderful gaming experience and also want to enjoy the natural beauty during breaks from gaming. Also, there are a number of entertainment opportunities available here as there are world-class recording artists, magicians, and comedians to entertain visitors. It is a network of six different casinos and has an electrifying environment. Not only a player can win jackpots here but also enjoy the wonderful atmosphere of accommodation.
  • Casino Ponte 16, China - Another big casino in the world is Casino Ponte 16 in China. It is spread over 270000 square feet and contains 470 table games and slots. This casino has 9 bars and restaurants which are designed in an excellent fashion that it can impress anyone. 10 items of Michael Jackson were kept on display in this casino which was moved to other exhibitions. But Michael Jackson gift shop and cafe are still in operation in the casino, which is center of attraction for visitors.
  • MGM Grand Macau, China - It is another big casino in China which is operated between MGM Resorts and the daughter of Hong Kong business magnate Stanley Ho. Apart from wonderful opportunities to play a variety of games, it has 26 feet cylindrical aquarium which has sharks, LED lights and many other types of fishes.

So, these are the 5 biggest casinos in the world which not only have wonderful opportunities to play various games but also have the top-class environment to enjoy the time.

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